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Patient Testimonials

Maybe you came to us as an athlete looking to get back into competition shape after an injury. Or, maybe you are a parent who just wanted to play with your kids without pain. The bottom line is – your story matters to us and we’d love to hear it. Read our patients’ stories of hope below, and fill out the form to submit your own.

“This office has been the cornerstone of my training plan for the last decade. Dr. Barnes has managed to identify and fix the causes of my injuries rather than just treating the symptoms. With Ironman Tulsa approaching, I am utilizing their Softwave therapy which has been an absolute game changer! Check this office out. Your body will thank you. See you at the starting line!”

Jessica Jones Lasley
Ironman Competitor
“I am the owner and women’s transformation coach at Community With Caroline. We help women achieve their physical goals with zero restrictions. We take a whole approach with our program focusing not only on foods and exercise, but also sleep, meditation, journaling, and the inner narrative we tell ourselves.

Three years ago I was in the best shape of my life when I became sick with breast implant illness. I could no longer workout, and I felt extremely hopeless for the future and unsure of how I would continue to motivate our Community if I was no longer able to exercise and have that “fit physique.”


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Caroline Mathias
Community with Caroline

“As a younger menopausal runner, I’ve had to curate a team of health professionals that are open to navigating my health concerns holistically. This led me to Dr. Barnes. He’s exactly the person I needed! His outside-of-the-box modalities and thought process have helped me regain strength in my running and the confidence…

that I’m gaining momentum in my quest toward stronger, faster, and happier training while remaining injury-free.”

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Becky Croft
RRCA Run Coach

“I am a former bodybuilder, and when I started coming to Dr. Barnes 7 years ago I was primarily concerned with sports-related injuries. After several years of significant health issues and nearly 10 surgeries, my biggest priority today is being able to lift and play with my son. As a mom, all I want is to enjoy my child without suffering…

from constant pain, and that’s what they have helped me do. My experience has been nothing short of life-changing and I’m forever grateful for the care, compassion, intention and treatment I’ve received.”

Katie Digges
Active Mom

“Dr. Barnes is absolutely amazing! Not only have I had great benefit personally (both me and multiple members of my family), but also with my patients. I have referred numerous patients and I consistently see great improvement. Plus, the results are nearly always evident very early – either immediately…

or within a couple of sessions. There are many chiropractors out there, but few that I trust with my patients and my family. Dr. Barnes is top notch!

Chad Edwards, DO
Revolution Health

“I was originally directed to Dr. Barnes because of a glute/hip issue that had lasted over 4 months. Dr. Barnes was able to locate the issue and get me back to squatting again in 3 sessions. Since then, Dr. Barnes has been extremely helpful for other back and shoulder issues I have had. He has also assisted…

many of my clients from my gym. Today, I see him for regular maintenance to ensure that I am staying ahead of potential problems. I feel great and have been able to keep my training and gym business going strong.”

Doug Decker
Vertical Limit Fitness

“I walked into the lobby not having the faintest idea who Dr. Barnes was, what he could do, or what he was going to do for me. But at my first appointment, despite my skepticism and doubts, Dr. Barnes changed my life – healing something I had desperately been trying to “fix” for twenty years…

Dr. Barnes’s compassion, capability, and humility have produced a profound and lasting gift in my life; forever changing the fabric of who I am. I encourage anyone struggling with emotional blockages and/or persistent unwanted thought patterns to consider meeting with Dr. Barnes, and discover his simple, yet effective pathways to healing.”

Lane Hartshorn

“Dr. Barnes has not only changed my life, but my kids’ lives too! He was able to heal chronic foot pain that prevented my son from running competitively. This healing changed my son’s life and engagement in school and sports. He also provided healing support for my child that suffered a TBI…

The emotional work and adjustments were profound in his recovery. As for me, I am a better person mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually due to his expert level techniques.”

Diana Edwards

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