Caroline Mathias – My Story

Feeling hopeless.

My name is Caroline Mathias and I am the owner and women’s transformation coach at Community With Caroline. We help women achieve their physical goals with zero restrictions. We take a whole approach with our program focusing not only on foods and exercise, but also sleep, meditation, journaling, and the inner narrative we tell ourselves. Three years ago I was in the best shape of my life when I became sick with breast implant illness. I could no longer workout, and I felt extremely hopeless for the future and unsure of how I would continue to motivate our Community if I was no longer able to exercise and have that “fit physique.”

Back in the gym.

I began seeing Dr. Barnes around this time and he was able to guide me through each bump in the road with my illness. I also had a few pesky injuries that were always bothering me, such as my pelvic floor muscles being weak and a pain around the outer edge of my bicep that nobody could seem to fix. Dr. Barnes fixed both of these issues and they haven’t returned since. After my explant surgery I was ready to get back in the gym however, I began noticing that I had a pain when I bent forward when I would perform Romanian deadlifts, and it soon crept up into my lower back. It got worse and worse until it hurt to simply sit in my car. I signed up for PT with Dr. G and also did the spinal decompression table for a few months at Tensegrity. After about 8-9 weeks I was fully healed and I have been back in the gym since!

Firing on all cylinders.

At the end of the day, I am a mom of two, a wife, we own and operate a ranch, and I am also a business owner. My health is extremely important to me, and if I am not firing on all cylinders, then I am unable to help others and that is my passion. Dr. Barnes and Dr. Golbek have both helped me beyond measure and I truly feel like I am a part of a Tensegrity family each time I visit them. The best part is knowing that whatever is ailing me, I know that they are always able to help me fix it.

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