Becky Croft – My Story

Running became my therapy.

Unlike a lot of runners, I don’t have a long history with running from a young age. I didn’t run track or cross country in high school.  In fact, I honestly dreaded P.E. unless it was dodgeball day! I only started running as an adult as a way to lose a little weight.  I couldn’t imagine I would become not only an endurance athlete but also a certified run coach who teaches runners how to achieve their best through coaching + workshops.

Running really became my therapy as I endured 6 years of battling endometriosis and eventually a hysterectomy.  I was in tune with my body pre-surgery and I’ve had to learn how to tune into a new body post-hysterectomy without my own hormones.

Navigating life after menopause.

As a younger menopausal runner, I’ve had to curate a team of health professionals that are open to navigating my health concerns holistically.  There really isn’t a support system or many resources for menopausal women to begin with, let along younger women who are navigating life after surgically-induced menopause.  My search for those resources led me to being ad advocate for athletes that have had similar experiences.

Stronger. Faster. Happier.

My journey led me to Tensegrity and Dr. Barnes. He’s exactly the person I needed!  His outside-of-the-box modalities and thought process have helped me regain strength in my running post-hysterectomy and the confidence that I’m gaining momentum in my quest toward stronger, faster, and happier training while remaining injury-free.

I appreciate that I’m not just another patient and that Dr. Barnes and Dr. Golbek care about my outcome. They know me by name and are never too busy to answer questions or show me how I can take charge of my health outside of their office by showing me pre-hab/rehab exercises to work on.

I’ve never hesitated to Recommend Dr. Barnes to anyone that is looking for a a holistic approach that will help them recover so they can achieve their goals, no matter how lofty.  You’ll definitely find Dr. Barnes and Dr. Golbek to be an asset in your health journey!

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